Composition of social services provided

Anykščiai Social Care Home (hereinafter – Care Home) provides long-term / short-term social care in an institution (based on the current version of the Social Services Catalog No. A1-93 of 5 April 2006).

1. The following general social services shall be provided in a care home:

1.1. Information;

1.2. consulting;

1.3. mediation and representation;

1.4. accommodation;

1.5. catering arrangements;

1.6. provision of essential clothing and footwear;

1.7. transport organization;

1.8. social and socio-cultural services;

1.9. personal hygiene and care services;

1.10. psychological-psychotherapeutic assistance or its organization;

1.11. development, maintenance and / or restoration of social skills;

1.12. the development and maintenance and / or restoration of daily life skills during the household works, self-management of premises, environment, cash accounting, shopping, communication, etc .;

1.13. work skills development and day employment (sewing, knitting, weaving, arts and crafts) articles, ceramics, etc.) or its organization;

1.14. organization of leisure activities (press review, board games, television and radio, social activities, participation in cultural events, etc.);

1.15. assistance with preparation, feeding, washing and other assistance;

1.16. organization of personal hygiene services (assistance with washing, assistance with bathing, organization of laundry services, etc.);

1.17. organization or provision of health care (nursing) medical care, continuous monitoring of the state of health, supply of medicines and nursing facilities, provision of necessary compensatory equipment, nursing, etc.);

1.18. other services required by the person according to his level of independence;

1.19. provision of religious services, organization of ceremonies: St. organization of mass, armoring and the organization of funeral services and the care of graves).