Legal information

Legal basis

The branch of Svėdas Nursing Home was established in 1998. April 1 Anykščiai District Municipal Council in accordance with Decision No. 1- TS-394 decided to change the name of Svėdasai care home to Anykščiai social care home on November 27.

The main goal of the institution is to meet the vital needs of the elderly and the disabled, the mentally ill, to create living conditions that do not degrade human dignity, to protect and defend their rights and legitimate interests, to promote self-sufficiency, to help overcome social exclusion and, where possible, to integrate into society.

The founder of the institution is Anykščiai District Municipality.

The legal form of the institution is a budgetary institution.

Institution code: 254284780.

Office address: Alaušas str. 4, Svėdasai, Anykščiai district.

The institution has two branches:

Svėdas Nursing Home;

Burbiškis group life house.

The branches operate in accordance with the regulations of the branch approved by the director of Anykščiai Social Care Home. Branches do not have separate legal personality.