About us

Anykščiai Social Care Home has two branches, a branch of the Svėdas Nursing Home and a branch of the Burbiškis Group Living Home.
Long-term (short-term) social care services for the elderly provided at the branch of Svėdasai old people’s care home, long-term (short-term) social care services for adults with mental disabilities provided at the Burbiškis group living home branch.


a constantly evolving and applying the most advanced methods of social care, a modern social care institution open to new initiatives, mobilizing a team of qualified employees, constantly improving the quality of services and responding professionally and dynamically to the needs of service users, providing the best long-term (short-term) social care and state-of-the-art social services.

The mission

is to provide long-term and short-term social care services that provide comprehensive assistance to the elderly and adults with disabilities, taking into account their level of independence, requiring constant specialist care.

The strategic goal

is to provide quality long-term (short-term) social care and health care (nursing) services to elderly persons and adults with disabilities who have declared a place of residence in Anykščiai district and who require constant specialist care.